Fish Bypass: Innovative Applications of MWD Ranging

AADE Houston, September 20th, 2013

Perhaps one of the most frustrating situations that can be encountered while drilling a well is to have an off-bottom fish with significant hole below the fish. In extreme instances, a well has been drilled to total depth and while tripping out prior to running the completion string, the BHA gets stuck with thousands of feet of open hole (in the pay zone) below the fish.

Recently, Chesapeake Energy found themselves in such a situation, with a thirty-two foot (32’) long fish in the hole at less than 3000’ MD, and open hole to a depth of over 14,000’ MD. A simple sidetrack would not suffice for a number of reasons, including the incremental time and expense required to re-drill over 11,000 feet of hole (including drilling a new curve and lateral).

Binary icon aade_FishBypass_sample.tiff