AFPQ Video Intro

Chevron, March 9th, 2009

AFPQ Video Intro (by retired VP) March 9. 2009

Chevron’s aviation fuels brand is a promise of quality, reliability and safety to our customers. As stewards of this legacy, maintaining quality throughout the supply chain - from refinery to wing-tip - must be our highest priority.

This focus is also consistent with our Downstream goal of becoming the leader in value chain integration. Through our systems, our processes and, most importantly, our people, we will improve our OE performance and realize this goal.

We have an opportunity to prevent product quality incidents by ensuring integrated quality-systems across the entire Chevron Aviation Fuels supply chain.

Each link in that chain, each function, has maintained its own systems to ensure quality and safety: and we’ve done this well. However, we have also identified ways to further reduce risk by streamlining existing processes, and optimizing handoffs between functions – where incidents are more likely to occur.

In recent years, we have seen a number of near losses and loss incidents at these critical junctures. This is a trend that must be reversed. In addition to the risk these incidents pose to our employees, contractors and customers, they are also a risk for Chevron’s reputation and bottom line.

So we each bear an important responsibility: to ensure that we deliver 100% on-spec fuel to our customer – every time – and that we do so safely, efficiently and reliably. We call this product stewardship.

Being effective stewards requires consistent communication across the entire Chevron aviation fuel supply chain, as well as compliance to all standards and processes. It's that type of integrated effort and operational discipline that will help us reduce risk, and provide a quality product for our customers.

Thank you for your support of this critical effort.